What Are Best Diets to Aid in Memory?

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When researching which diets may be best for you, there is something else to consider besides weight loss: the foods which help and hinder your memory. There are actually foods which can contribute to the slowing down of the brain’s processes due to their glucose content. Soft drinks are one example of a food to avoid due to its memory-reducing properties. Fast foods may also be harmful to future memory loss because they are often high in fat. Fat causes carotid artery disease which involves narrowing of arteries in the neck. When this occurs, the brain receives less oxygen and therefore less fuel for memory processes.

Super foods like berries and dark green leafy vegetables can assist with keeping memory processes functioning at optimum levels. Incorporating a salad with evening meals that contains vegetables like romaine lettuce and spinach can provide the body with as much as 15% of the body’s suggested intake of vitamin E. Other super foods which may be incorporated in the best diets for women contain essential fatty acids. Foods containing these fatty acids include cold water fish like salmon. As an interesting side note, studies have also shown that chewing gum may improve memory, as doing so increases the heart rate, which increases blood flow to the brain.

Save on #1 Ranked Weight Loss Diet by Utilizing Weight Watchers Coupons

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U.S. News & World Report once again ranked Weight Watchers as the #1 diet for best weight loss results, as well as for being the easiest diet to follow.  Because no foods are taboo, and you are taught to have a healthy relationship with food where good choices are encouraged, and you don’t have to be burdened with counting calories or weighing food, this diet plan enables people to learn how to achieve a lifestyle that will serve them for life.  Chief Scientific Officer of Weight Watchers International, Karen Miller-Kovach, says “We believe the PointsPlus program is easy to follow because it provides the balance of enough structure to produce weight loss at the recommended rate, with enough flexibility to live your life.

This program has the comaraderie of meetings, as well as Weight Watchers Online tools, forums, and much more.  Make sure you utilize Weight Watchers Coupons to keep your hard-earned dollars in your pockets as you lose the weight.

Combat Heart Disease With the Diabetic Diet Plan

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The leading cause of death in people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is heart disease, according to researchers Joseph Hill and his associates at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.  This study has revealed that diabetic cardiomyopathy is a condition that can develop in the diabetic, causing changes in heart function and structure that appears to be completely independent of high blood pressure and related disease in major arterial blood vessels.  Apparently specific proteins that cause this complication are a result of metabolic stress.  These results may be helpful in developing promising new therapeutic approaches in the future.  But in the meantime, take action through the most powerful tools you have – diet and exercise.  The diabetic diet plan is based upon the proven science of the glycemic index to help diabetics manage their blood sugar levels and stay on track to lose the weight and reduce their chances of developing complications.

Medifast Meal Delivery Simplifies Weight Loss Journey

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One of the biggest advantages to the Medifast Meal Delivery is the convenience of having your meals and meal replacements delivered right to your door.  A noteworthy reason cited for weight gain is simply being too busy to deal with healthy eating.  Simply put, eating on the run usually means poor choices.  It’s not exactly easy to eat a salad while you are driving to your next appointment.  But french fries are an easy traveling companion.  However, with Medifast, there are so many options that travel well without having to make an unhealthy selection.  There are bars, snacks, and drinks that can easily travel with you and satisfy your hunger while still staying on track with your weight loss plan.

Men Can Save With Weight Watchers Coupons

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Weight Watchers Online for Men is a customized program, including all of the great tools and tips of the PointsPlus program, that can be followed online.  With Weight Watchers Coupons, guys and gals alike can save with a lot to lose.  Weight Watchers is famous in it’s ability to help people achieve a healthy relationship with food.  No foods are forbidden, but healthy and smart choices are encouraged to enable you to achieve your goals.  Each individual person gets a points budget that is based upon your activity level, height and weight.  Exercise is encouraged, and points are tracked right online either on your PC or through mobile apps.  A free Men’s Quickbites eNewsletter is available for free if you complete a full 3-month savings plan.

DASH Diet Crowned Best Overall Plan

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CBS News published an article today that highlighted the DASH diet as the “best diet overall” by U.S. News & World Report in it’s 2012 Best Diet Rankings.  The plan isn’t necessarily the best plan for losing weight, but is the best way to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, due to it’s high nutrition content, ease of execution, and sustainability over the long haul.  The plan, designed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, aims at preventing and lowering high blood pressure by making healthy food choices.  It emphasizes foods we all know we should be eating more of — nutrient-dense whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy.  Several top diet plans emphasize this type of eating, including eDiets plans like the Mediterranean Plan, the diabetic diet plan, and Weight Watchers.

The Medifast “Take Shape for Life Program” Helps Your Body Burn Fat

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The Take Shape for Life weight loss program, sponsored by Medifast, helps people successfully lose pounds and then keep the weight off.  It does this by helping folks make adjustments in their lifestyles, including dietary changes and regular exercise. One of the advantages of joining a program like Take Shape for Life is the encouragement you receive through personal coaching. The program is not a quick fix, but involves long-term lifestyle changes that are designed to get you on the path to optimum health. Studies show that successful long-term weight loss is not achieved using fad diets or gimmicks. In fact, drastically cutting calories can send an individual’s body into a starvation mode that will deny it the essential nutrients it requires to thrive. It’s no wonder crash dieters almost always gain their lost weight back. The Take Shape for Life program, on the other hand, works by resetting the body’s metabolism to burn fat.

Tennessee Man Searching for Best Diet Plans Finds All Juice Diet

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It may be the season for turkey dinners, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie — but for one man in Tennessee, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner will be made up strictly of juice. Josh Adams, of Fountain City, Tennessee (near Knoxville), is 37 years old. After a recent medical exam, Josh decided it was time to find a way to improve his health. As a result, he has committed to consuming only fruit and vegetable juices for two months. “I was at risk for diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer. I am fighting for my life, my health and my longevity” explained Adams in an article published yesterday in the Knoxville News. After searching the Internet for the best diet plans, Adams ran across the the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, which he watched online. In the film Joe Cross, a man weighing more than 300 pounds, loses all of his unhealthy weight through “juicing.”  Adams commented that “by the end of the film Joe is running around like Rocky Balboa. I was sold”.  The film follows the progress of two individuals who both lose weight and improve their health on  juice diets — and, yes, the progress of each dieter is strictly monitored by a physician, which you see during the film. Josh says he has struggled with his weight for over twenty years and has never before recognized the rapid weight loss and new-found energy he is experiencing on the juice diet.

eDiets Review – Food is Not the Enemy!

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The first thing you notice when you read the eDiets Review is you don’t have to deprive yourself.  In other words, food is not the enemy.  However, healthy choices will promote lean good looks and optimal heath.  eDiets teaches you healthy habits and encourages you to make the type of choices that nourish your body and give you the fuel you need to grab life by the tail.  This company, which is about 15 years old now as of this writing, has over 2 million happy members.  They are highly ranked for delicious food options, great online support and information.  Many of their plans are based on the celebrated glycemic index.  If you are ready to stop starving yourself, only to gain everything back when your willpower falters, why not try a lifestyle change with eDiets!

US News & World Reports Publishes Top Diet Reviews of Best Known Weight Loss Programs

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This past summer US News and World Report put together a panel of 22 experts that included cardiologists, diabeteologists and nutritionists and told them to do the 20 top diet reviews of   well-known weight loss programs.  The aim of the panel was to establish the most effective diets in several different categories, including best weight-loss, best diet for controlling diabetes, best diet for your heart, best commercial diet and best overall diet.  The goal, according to US News & World Report health reporter Kurtis Hiatt, was to help folks find their own best diet.  “There is no one diet for everybody” said Hiatt. What were the results? The diet which was ranked #1 for both the best overall diet as well as the best for diabetes was the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) Diet.  The best commercial diet program was awarded to Weight Watchers, which also won the award for the best weight-loss diet.

Best Diet Plans Not for Children? Furor Raised Over New Children’s Book

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Quite a furor has been raised over an upcoming children’s book.  Both critics and reviewers are blasting the publication — even though it has not been released, and to the best of most people’s knowledge, no one has been able to read an advanced copy of it.  What is all the hubbub about?  Perhaps the title says it all:  Maggie goes on a Diet. Huh?  Why is a book about a 14 year old girl who goes on a diet and, reportedly, is transformed from an insecure overweight girl to a teenager who becomes a soccer star for her school considered controversial?  When you consider over a third of all American kids are overweight and many suffer from health-related problems caused by their condition, any book about the best diet plans would be well received.  Not so.  One critic from the Department of Nutritional Sciences at UC Berkley said that children should “not be put on a calorie restricted diet that can stunt growth.  They should grow into their weight.”

Mediterranean Diet Plan Reduces Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimers

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If you knew of an eating regimen where you would be 22% less likely to develop  breast cancer, 20% less prone to heart disease, and 40% less likely to get Alzheimer’s than Americans, would you give it a try? The Mediterranean diet plan delivers on all these claims! Scientists now recognize the amazing health benefits enjoyed by those living in countries bordering Mediterranean Sea, due not just to healthy eating habits, but a healthier lifestyle that includes socializing over meals with friends and family, a slower pace, and even the occasional afternoon nap. Visualize their diet as a pyramid with its base consisting of fruits,  vegetables, beans, legumes and nuts, and healthy (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) oils. Seven servings a day are recommended from this foundation level. The next level is fish with its healthy Omega-3 oils. Then step up to the  third layer–poultry, eggs and dairy, and finally. level four, consisting of meats and sweets, which should be eaten only rarely. No need to feel deprived when you’re on the healthy and proven Mediterranean diet plan.

Glycemic Impact Coupons Huge Help for Acne Sufferers

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According to a recent article in WebMD, people who suffer with acne may have what is termed hyper-insulinemia.  This condition is characterized by an excessive level of insulin within the blood. “Foods that are low in the glycemic index (GI) may contribute to the hormonal control of acne,” said Alan R. Shalita, MD.  Doctor Shalita is the chairman of the Dermatology Department at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York.  The report said he encourages his patients with acne to reduce the number of carbs they eat during the day, and to especially reduce dairy products consumed.  These foods, he added, can lead to acne.  When you choose foods that are lower on the glycemic index, you avoid spikes in your blood sugar. This means cutting foods such as white rice, white flour and sugar and substituting fresh foods — especially vegetables, fruits and lean meat. Individuals who would like to know more about a glycemic index based diet will be happy to know that glycemic impact coupons are available online.

Medifast Review Reveals Two New Crunchy Snacks Being Introduced

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According to an article in today’s Sacramento Bee, Medifast, a leading portion-controlled weight-loss program, has just announced the launch of two new meal replacements to its Medifast To Go! product line — Cheese Pizza Bites and BBQ Bites. The report described these new additions as “crunchy, savory treats that are naturally flavored and add to the convenience of Medifast’s current on-the-go meal replacement options, including Medifast Crunch Bars and Medifast Ready-to-Drink Shakes.”  The line is designed to make weight loss portable and convenient without sacrificing quality or taste.  “Because these additions, like our other products, are complete, fully fortified meals, they should make it even easier for clients to remain on their plan, even when they are busy” said Lisa Davis, Ph.D., Medifast VP of Scientific and Medical Business.   You can read a Medifast review to find out more information about this long-established medically endorsed diet plan.

Medifast.com Coupons Can Help You Save

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Have you been skipping meals in the hopes that you will lose weight? Or tried other untested and dangerous methods to shed the pounds? There’s a better way to lose weight that doesn’t compromise your health. It’s called Medifast, and it uses your body’s own natural process of ketosis for safe and measurable results. And right now, you can take advantage of medifast.com coupons to put toward your meal plans and save a bundle. Medifast has helped thousands of people just like you across the nation to finally realize their goals for a better and healthier life. Even if you’ve been diagnosed with a condition like diabetes, the Medifast plan can work wonders for you. That’s because all of its delicious meals contain reduced amounts of fat, carbohydrates and sugars and are high in the protein that your body needs.

eDiets Coupons – Helping You Save

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Is there a way you can lose weight in a reasonable amount of time, without having to pay full price for all of your prepared meals? Of course! If you’re ready to shed unwanted pounds and want huge savings too, you can take advantage of eDiets Coupons. And there’s not just one way to use them, either; you can choose to get a week’s worth of delicious meals for free, or take 25% off your next order. No matter which way you go, you win! Really, there’s never been a better time to become the healthier person you want to be. And if you need tips about the best way to mentally prepare for this life-changing experience, you can get those as well.

Is the Atkins Diet Right for You?

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There are many diets out there and the truth is that different people will have success with different diets. However, as you compare the options, one thing to keep in mind is that a diet that’s been around for many years is likely to bring you more success than a fad diet that will quickly be proven unsuccessful and fall off the radar. The Atkins diet is a diet that’s been popular for decades and that many people have found success on. The core principle behind it is that by limiting carbohydrate intake, you body is better able to burn fat and help you lose weight.