The Medifast “Take Shape for Life Program” Helps Your Body Burn Fat

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 at 4:19 pm

The Take Shape for Life weight loss program, sponsored by Medifast, helps people successfully lose pounds and then keep the weight off.  It does this by helping folks make adjustments in their lifestyles, including dietary changes and regular exercise. One of the advantages of joining a program like Take Shape for Life is the encouragement you receive through personal coaching. The program is not a quick fix, but involves long-term lifestyle changes that are designed to get you on the path to optimum health. Studies show that successful long-term weight loss is not achieved using fad diets or gimmicks. In fact, drastically cutting calories can send an individual’s body into a starvation mode that will deny it the essential nutrients it requires to thrive. It’s no wonder crash dieters almost always gain their lost weight back. The Take Shape for Life program, on the other hand, works by resetting the body’s metabolism to burn fat.

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